Documentation Center


Trace element – Institute for UNESCO includes a large documentation center on essential trace elements and toxic metals.

The documentation center offers a bibliographic database with more than 15,000 references and a large number of articles, books and journals. These are scientific and medical publications dedicated to trace elements, dealing with their fundamental aspects and their practical applications in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, genetics, epidemiology, therapeutics, nutrition, agronomy, toxicology, environment, public health and veterinary sciences, mainly. The Institute realizes a monthly literature monitoring on the latest scientific research that provides a regular update on the available data.

It proposes two bibliographic services to all physicians, scientists, academics, industries, laboratories, associations, etc, dealing with trace elements.

  • Literature monitoring or one-off bibliographic research with key words selected by the inquirer

  • Provision of articles subsequent to literature monitoring or one-off bibliographic research



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