Medical Training


Trace Element – Institute for UNESCO's aim is to promote medical training based on quality, independence and accountability.

The medical training provided by TEU aims to improve public health by helping private, hospital or salaried physicians and all scientists expand their knowledge on essential trace elements and toxic metals.

TEU relies on a scientific committee whose expertise guarantees scientific and educational quality. The objectives are the following:

  • Organizing training days based on a one-year schedule; e.g. March 2011: “Needs in trace elements in age-related cognition and neurodegenerative diseases.”

  • Organizing “personalized” training days in all fields, according to demand

  • Presenting “popularization” days for the general public on themes such as “nutrition and health”, “obesity”, “aging”, intended for community bodies (municipalities, social security or mutual health insurance companies)

  • Organizing international expert days leading to recommendations for UNESCO

    “Expert consultation on the implication of micronutrients in intellectual development”, Crete, October 2007

    “Trace elements and health in industrialized and non-industrialized countries", Rovaltain, France, December 2009