Satellite Centre

The Institute created a worldwide network of 26 satellite centers (actually 15 active centres): national academies of sciences, university laboratories, etc., working on trace elements.

TEU brings scientific and financial support to the creation of satellite centers, transfer of knowledge between centers and the development of multicenter research projects. The satellite centers benefit from the expertise from the Institute’s national and international networks.

Workshops for the people in charge of satellite centers are organized on a regular basis through scientific meetings on trace elements: in Crete ( ISTERH Congress, Greece) in October 2007, in Souss (Tunisia) in october 2008, in Rovaltain (France) in December 2009 and in Avignon ( FESTEM Congress , France) in May 2013.



The Institute acknowledges the scientific and interpersonal importance for scientists from developing countries of presenting their scientific work during international meetings.


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