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The current mission of the Rovaltain research facility is to provide a scientific, technical and logistical support to academic research groups that would like to develop research projects in the field of environmental toxicology and/or ecotoxicology. 

The facility, unique in Europe, aims to support projects with different objectives, validated by the four academic partners and the International Scientific Committee: 

  • to analyse (in a predictive approach) the effects on environmental and human health of long-term and realistic dose exposure to multiple sources of pollution (chemical, biological and physical) and co-toxicity; 

  • to produce biological indicators in response to such combinations of stresses (biomarkers,  “omics” etc.); 

  • to develop procedures for limiting the harmful effects of stress factors; 

  • to build, organize and maintain a large database and knowledge bank on environmental toxicology and ecotoxicology.


Support for research and innovation will be proposed to private companies seeking a partner capable of offering a complete and unique range of services, from experimental design to analysis of complex data through the development of new (eco)toxicity bioassays or software tools for risk assessment.

The Rovaltain Research Facility for Environmental Toxicology and Ecotoxicology offers a particularly innovative position: 

  • for co-developing research projects at the crossroads of environmental toxicology and ecotoxicology, thus fostering the strong relationships both communities seek at the regional and national level; 

  • for its positioning incorporating benchwork and mesocosm experiments, the laboratory units offer a solution suitable for studying repeated, realistic dose exposure (acute exposure would of course also be possible in this facility); 

  • for overcoming scientific and technological problems relating to the lack of spatial and temporal control over chronic exposure.